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Our 40 hour Mixology Class

Our Professional Mixology course is a forty-hour course which can be completed over a one or two week period. Each class is 4 hours. We have morning, afternoon, night and weekend Classes available.

We Have Flexible Schedules!

The flexible schedules allow you to take any combination of morning, afternoon, night or weekend classes until you complete all 40 hours.

Next Classes Available

Day Classes
May 13th – 17th
June 3rd – 7th
July 8th – 12th
August 5th – 9th
September 9th – 13th
October 7th – 11th
November 4th – 8th
December 9th – 13th
Evening Classes
May 13th – 24th
June 10th – 21st
July 15th – 26th
August 12th – 23rd
September 16th – 27th
October 14th – 25th
November 11th – 22nd
December 9th – 20th
Weekend Classes
May 4th – 18th
June 8th – 22nd
July 13th – 27th
August 10th – 24th
September 14th – 28th
October 12th – 26th
November 2nd – 16th
December 7th – 21st

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Day Classes

Monday through Friday | 9:00am to 5:00pm | One week in length

Evening Classes

Monday through Friday | 6:00pm to 10:00pm | Two weeks in length

Weekend Classes

Saturday and Sunday | 10:00am to 6:00pm | 2 1/2 weekends in length


The graduate of our mixology course will have learned how to professionally prepare 125 traditional drinks as well as the latest trendy drinks that are popular in each city. Drinks range from the traditional martini & manhattan to the ever popular sex on the beach. In addition, the student will learn beer, wine, responsible alcohol service and professional customer service techniques. The school uses the Anheuser-Busch “Beertender” training program and the Guinness Beer “Perfect Pour” training program.

Tips Alcohol Training

Popular Highballs

Sours and Margaritas

Traditional Martinis

Today’s Hottest Shooters

Exotic Tall Drinks

Budweiser Training Program

Guinness Beer Program

Wine Class

Successful completion of this one week (full-time day class), two week (part-time night class) or 2.5 week (Weekend class), 40-hour Course, will entitle you to receive a certificate from our school along with a letter of recommendation that denotes the complete 40 hour approved bartending program.  This letter clearly identifies job qualifications.

Your certificate entitles our graduates to placement assistance at any of the 90 cities in which Professional Bartending Schools of America (PBSA) has contracts.  Your certificate is registered with the organization and does not expire.

The course will cover everything you will need to know to be successful as a bartender. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Competition Free-pouring (measuring out amounts of alcohol without the use of a jigger)
  2. The five classifications of Alcohol and their sub-groups
  3. Glassware rules
  4. Garnish and shake rules
  5. Speed Tips and the grouping of similar ingredients
  6. Flavor enhancers vs. Mixers
  7. Highball drinks
  8. Drinks served on the Rocks
  9. Shooters and shots
  10. Margaritas
  11. Drinks served in the Tall glass (multi-liquor drinks)
  12. Drinks served in a Cocktail glass.
  13. Layered Shots
  14. Frozen Drinks
  15. Mixing Methods
  16. Basic Wine knowledge and serving techniques.
  17. Beer handling, rotation and service
  18. Sanitation and the “beer-clean” glass
  19. Up selling Techniques
  20. Responsible alcohol service
  21. State liquor laws
  22. Customer Service skills, tips and techniques
  23. Resume building
  24. Interview skills specific to the bar industry

Bartending Is A Great Way To Make Money, Have Fun And Meet Interesting People!

Never be broke again! Look forward to going to work every day and have fun at the same time. Are you ready to start a fun and exciting career? The Columbus Bartending School is the answer for you.

  • 40 Hour Professional Mixology Course
  • Flexible Class Times
  • Command A Higher Base Salary

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