We Wouldn’t Have Limited-Edition, Cult Bourbons Without Jim Beam

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Aaron Goldfarb – vinepair.com

What if I told you a new, limited-edition bourbon was hitting the market soon. Eighteen years old, 99 proof, finished in Fussigny Cognac casks. There are only about 5,000 bottles available.

What would you pay for that?

What if I told you the bottle itself was in a French crystal decanter, delicately acid-etched with the images of oak leaves, worth $75 even when empty.

Now what would you pay?

Today those bonafides might come with an MSRP of several thousand dollars, and they would clear out of liquor stores fast. But when Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece was released, in 1999 for $250, it quietly sat on shelves gathering dust for nearly a decade. Click Here To Read More!

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